Octopress theme - YinYang

A minimal, responsive theme for Octopress

Posted almost 5 years ago

YinYang (陰陽) is a minimal, responsive theme for Octopress. It is based on the popular Greyshade theme. I read a lot on Medium recently. The elegant and clean design of this website awes me. Though a designer I am not, my heart desired my blog also look like that.

Rails on Ubuntu VPS

Posted about 6 years ago

So now I have a KVM VPS running Ubuntu. How do I setup a rails development environment? The Linux/OSX users are no as lucky as the Windows users at this -- There is no simple stupid all-in-one script/binary for us. Most of us need to go through a try-and-error process to accomplish the task. In this post I am going to do it again and try to record it so that other people (or the future me) can playback.